Longform Podcast #133: Adam Platt

Grub Street Podcast

Episode 1: Pizza

Episode 2: The Martini

Episode 3: Trends We're Tired of, 2015 Edition

Episode 4: Chicken Sandwiches

Episode 5: Vegetable Forward

Episode 6: Is New York Still Relevant?

Episode 7: Viral Foods

Episode 8: Progressive Chinese

Episode 9: Third-Wave Coffee

Episode 10: The Golden Age of Sandwiches

Episode 11: The Life of the Critic (With Mimi Sheraton)

Episode 12: Power Sushi

Episode 13: Jerry Thomas is a F*cking Fraud

Episode 14: Reinventing the Red Sauce Joint

Episode 15: The Five Best Restaurants in New York City

Episode 16: The Golden Age of the Burger

Episode 17: Food Scams

Episode 18: Closing Time at the Four Seasons

Episode 19: Veggie Burgers

Episode 20: In Praise of Breakfast

Episode 21: Food Critic on a Diet

Episode 22: Love Thy Neighborhood Restaurant

Videos *with Penelope Platt
The Hunt for New York’s Best Croissant
Trendy vs. Traditional: Doughnuts
The Hunt for NYC’s Best Ramen
A Food Critic Rates the Museum of Pizza
Trendy vs. Traditional: Doughnuts
What’s the Best Breakfast: an Acai Bowl or Bacon and Eggs?
The Hunt for NYC’s Best Sushi
The Hunt for NYC’s Best Cheesecake
The Hunt for NYC’s Best Tacos